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Sculp Every Inch

08 Jan 2018

Walking Lunge

It tones butt and legs.

Stand with feet together, hands on hips. Step forward with the left foot as far as comfortable. Land on the heel, controlling descent as you bend knees and drop hips, keeping left knee directly above the ankle. Don’t lean forward. Stop when the left thigh is parallel to the ground. Stand back up by squeezing glutes and pushing off with back toes; bring right foot next to left foot. Repeat with right leg, slowly lowering into a lunge.

Tree Sit

It tones butt and legs.

Sit with back against the tree trunk, fence, or wall, so knees are bent at 90 degrees and ankles are directly beneath knees. (You can use hands to help you get into position, or if the surface is smooth, side down into position). Hold 20 seconds, then return to standing.

Double lift

Tones abs and back

Start on hands and knees with back flat. Tighten abs without excess pressure. Raise and extend right leg behind you, parallel to the ground. When you feel stable, raise an extend left arm forward, so it’s parallel to the ground. Simultaneously raise and lower arm and leg 2 to 3 inches. Do all reps, then lower and switch sides.

Reverse Curl

Tones abs

Lying face up with legs bent, place hands under small of the back and lift feet off the ground, so knees are over the torso. Contract abs, pulling knees toward chest, and release without letting feet touch the ground, then repeat. Avoid swinging thighs or raising hips; this is a tiny movement.

Triceps Dip

It tones arms and back

Sit on the edge of bench, wall, or railing with hands grasping edge, feet flat on the ground. Walk feet forward a few steps, knees over ankles, and shift hips just off the bench. Bend elbows back as you lower hips to just below bench level. Straighten arms, pressing body back up (if shoulders feel strained, don’t dip as low).


It tones chest, arms, and shoulders

Get down on hands and knees. Walk hands forward and lower hips until torso forms a straight diagonal line from shoulders to hips to knees. Spread hands slightly wider than shoulders, fingers pointing forward. Bend elbows out to sides as you lower chest almost to ground. Straighten arms to push back up.


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