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AN OBESE KID I was a very unhealthy child. I grew up in a typical Gujrati family. Thepala, bhakri, ghee, sugar & rice were part of my daily meal. I weighed 70 Kgs in college, and ...Read More
13 Jan 2018
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This "virtual nutritionist" prescribes diets that include everything from chaat to pasta, meant for everyone from 'deskies' to travellers - tailor-made for the needs of the ...Read More
23 Dec 2017
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Food that’s in season not only tastes better, but contains nutrients that suit the body’s needs for that particular time of the year. During the cold weather, the immune system n ...Read More
20 Dec 2017
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Ever imagined holiday feasts without nutmeg? Me neither. Be it those delicious pumpkin pies or savoury meat dishes, a dash of nutmeg surely adds a whole new complexity to the dish. ...Read More
07 Dec 2017
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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation