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Ven Pongal Recipe Or Khara Pongal Recipe


Energy(Kcal)- 134

Protein (g) - 4.9

Carbohydrate(g)- 20

Fat (g) - 2.3

Khyati's Health-O-Meter Says:

Brown rice is the "unrefined" version of white rice. The side hulls and brans provide "natural wholeness" to the grain and are rich in proteins, thiamine, calcium, magnesium, fiber, and potassium. For those trying to lose weight or those suffering from diabetes, brown rice can prove a healthful staple given its low glycemic rating which helps reduce insulin spikes. Mung daal is a good source of protein, which makes this dish a perfect cereal pulse combination.


  • Brown rice   - 20 g
  • Yellow moong dal  - 1 tbsp
  • Oil  - ½ tsp
  • Cumin seeds ½ tsp
  • Black pepper corns ½ tsp
  • Salt as per taste 
  • Ginger finely grated ½ tsp
  • Curry leaves 4

Step 1 Wash brown rice add dal, salt and 3 cups of water. Step 2 Pressure cook till 4-5 whistles.When it is done, mash this nicely. In a kadai, add the oil add black pepper corns and when it crackles add the cumin seeds add curry leaves and ginger to this and saute for a few seconds.  Step 3 Switch off the flame.  Step 4 Mix the spices to the cooked rice and dal.  Step 5 Mix well. Step 6  Enjoy ven pongal with onion raita.

Ven Pongal Recipe Or Khara Pongal Recipe - BY KHYATI RUPANI

10 FEB 2018
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