weight lost: 16.2 kg
Dear Khyati, Pooja,

A BIG THANKS to both of you for helping me to achieve my weight loss and get back young and active life.

Parents taught me how to eat but both of you through BN taught me what to eat. I learned to eat what is good for health from the program.

Amazing program from Balance Nutrition spearheaded by Khyati. You don’t sell us any powders and materials like others. You guide us with all-natural stuff that we use at home for our food. We now know what to eat regularly.... making our lifestyle simple but healthy. Really amazing. BIG THANK YOU ? to both of you dear Khyati and Pooja. 2017 has been my transformational year with your help. I can never forget you both in my life. Thanks a lot.

Have a great time, fabulous 2018 and superb future.

Regards, Ilango
Program: Active
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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation