Alpita Mayekar
weight lost: 7 kg
Hi Khyati,

It was a commendable journey with you guys..!! Thank you so muchhh !
Earlier it was difficult for me to  to even believe that there could be anything like this possible which at the comfort of my home or rather phone give me the pleasure of loosing weight which was like a dream come true for  me .. "MYweight" .. i was struggling with this for last 5 years.. I used to always read at the stories of Balance Nutrition Clients and then think to enroll , then use to think will it be possible its not possible and then step back.. this happened a number of times.. should i or shoudnt i .. But one fine day i made  up my mind.. and see the Result is unbelievable.. Much much more than i would rather imagine.!
E -kit  has become my best friend now.. My BFF... Restaurant guide .. Omg !! Now cant even think of doing away with it anytime..
Arwa was a superb Mentor.. very patient and understanding & prompt.. always my queries were answered on the same day itself..
Would definitely like to join the program again !!  U guys Rock !!

Thank You !!
Program: Beat PCOS
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation