Fiona Dsilva
weight lost: 10 kg
Fiona came to us with 2 issues. Excess weight & PCOS. She was also planning to conceive. She started with the Beat PCOS program, lost weight & also got pregnant within 90 days. 

She decided to follow the diet program even during pregnancy & we started with the Nutrition in Pregnancy program. 

During her pregnancy, she faced complications like Gestational diabetes & unfortunately had a still birth.

This did not stop her from believing in herself & so she started to work on her health once again! 

This time we too were determined to not let any complications become a hurdle. So, she lost her post-pregnancy weight, fought PCOS once again & conceived.

Despite all the care & healthy eating, Gestational Diabetes came in again. Head Nutritionist Kajal & I were determined this time on, we will battle this & Fiona gave birth to a healthy son :)

Nutrition is highly underestimated :)

She has lost 10kg & is a fine example of food can be fun!!
Program: Weight Loss +
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation