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weight lost: 9.5 kg
I was totally impressed by khyati's result & other results she used to post that gave me motivation to join khyati. I had a good journey with khyati, Its slow but its consistent & i am very happy with the journey of 9.5 kg weight loss in entire 12 sessions. Well concept of online diet nutrition was little odd to me but i was quite comfortable as it gave me freedom to manage my diet & office hand in hand. I had lot of doubts.. Khyati's diet are amazing i never felt i am dieting, Its just set in routine. The motivational pics @ khyati's blog always motivated me & it helped me & geared a competition in me to keep going.
I remember i used to mail khyati @ 12 am or sometimes even late than that but khyati always answered my questions never made me unanswered. She has always focused on eating in portion.

Let me add few best points about khyati's diet plan is she has never changed your food always given something based on our culture, Always concentrated on seasonal food, Never stopped you to have sweets & outside food. She wants to maintain such diet which is easy to follow for long term. She is only one who runs program where results are reflected without exercise. 

Very happy with the results & enjoyed the menu very much. It was very simple, easy to carry even when ur on field. Awaiting for exciting new session.

I am going close to my dream weight. Thanks khyati & pooja excellent going with my weight loss journey.
Program: Beat PCOS
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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation