Paromita Bose
United States
weight lost: 17 kg
Hi khyati,

About the online diet concept - truly speaking when I saw the Balance nutrition page in Facebook, I was not convinced really, that an online programme and which is just based on a diet can help you to lose Wt.

When I opted for the programme, that time I was really frustrated about the Wt and my PCOD condition and I was desperate to lose weight. With my two small kids and a busy schedule, it was impossible for me to join the gym and do workouts.

I live in Jamaica but I was searching for some dietitian who will help me on the basis of Indian diet only.

And what actually more attracted to me that, khyati herself was a PCOD patient but she successfully managed her PCOD condition and lost good Wt. Still the days I had a idea that pcod patients can not drop pounds without the help of medicines like metformin and exercise. And it is kind of a next to impossible job. Her transformation was so inspiring which motivated me to opt for the programme basically.

About the E-kit, I will tell you that it is the most beneficial part of the programme which helps you in guiding about the food we should opt for and how much should be the portion size.

Even not only during the sessions, but it also helps you lifelong to maintain the portion sizes and food habit.

Which motivated me?
From the first session, I started to drop off good amount of Wt. I guess that motivated me most to follow the programme. 

Health benefits - firstly during the two months programme I lost about 10 kilos Wt. I came down from 76 kilos to 66 kilos. I developed corpus tunnel syndrome after my 2 ND child. and it was so severe that the doc asked me for surgery.

Cotton the medical science it happens because of excess fluid retention in hands and that compress the nerve so develops pain and tingling sensation. After I lost 10 kilos, that syndrome just disappeared.
I used to have knee pain when climbing up the stairs, that condition disappeared. 

And mostly I am thankful to Balance nutrition because my PCOD condition also disappeared, which I never imagined can happen. My PCOD developed at a very early age maybe when I was 13 or 14 and it never came because of weight as I was really thin at that age.

But with age and time, the condition never improved and deteriorated mostly. When I opted for Balance nutrition programme, I actually had to take the medicines to get periods, almost forgot that it happens naturally too. After dropping off pounds, I started to get my periods naturally and from last September until this March I used to get it every month and in date. And with this massive improvement in my system, I could overcome also some of PMS symptoms which I used to get before. So I completely believe that to overcome the PCOD condition it is mostly the diet which helps you a lot. 

Program: Beat PCOS
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation