Sneh Ahir
weight lost: 10.9 kg
Obesity is something that most of the people have been suffering and i was going through the same. I came across balance nutrition when my brother coaxed me into joining the program due to my increasing weight. The concept of online weight loss program did sound new and i decided to give it a thought. Before this diet i had already gone through those many diets that tire you. Khyati Mam personally talked to me about the program and the kind of weight i was expecting to lose. My marriage was around the corner as well. Within 2-3 days my mentor Sailee gave me my diet after going through my eating habits and medical history. The best thing about this diet is undoubtedly the simplicity of it. The E-kit provided guided me in so many ways that i never felt bored. The recipes too gave away my misconception that diet food is bland and tasteless. My mentor has been such an encouraging factor in the whole program that i was motivated to give my 100%. One of the reasons that kept my going was her. Among the delicious recipes shared on my e-kit chillas, dal khichdi and open toasts were my favourite. The infused water and green tea that my diet used to include was so good that i am getting used to it. I joined the program to lose weight and i ended up knowing my body better. I would like to thank the team of balance nutrition, Khyati Mam and specially Sailee for making this journey a beautiful one.
Program: Beat PCOS
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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation