Ananya Mouli
weight lost: 5.8 kg

Right from childhood through my teens, I had never had problems of being over weight. I was always between 54-56 kgs. Even when I started with balance nutritiion, I was well within my weight limits (as per age and height) but I definitely didn’t look thin. I never felt comfortable in anything I’d wear. I had received a call from balance nutrition as my mother was a client of theirs. I spoke to them about my lifestyle and my eating habits, they suggested the body transformation program.  


There were days I couldn’t follow the diet but I made sure I didn’t eat junk. What kept me going was the realisation that I not only am on a weight loss journey but I’m simultaneously changing my eating habits. I believe there’s no better gift to ourselves than a healthy lifestyle! I never had the time for breakfast but after three months, I don’t leave the house without a proper breakfast. And if I can’t, there’s always a fruit! 


Amita was the best mentor I could ask for. Not only is she my mentor but also a great friend. I had reached out to her on several occasions (either one of the items wasnt available or I didn’t know if I could eat a particular dish.. or even cravings!!!) and although there were strict NOs to cheating, I’m glad! While making the next 11 day meal plan, she would ask me if I’m craving anything and in a happy way, I realised that I don’t crave anything as much as I used to before.. and NOT even ice creams! I would refer her and balance nutrition to anybody and everybody in a heartbeat! I am sure ALL balance nutrition mentors are top notch under Khyati’s guidance but if I come back to balance nutrition, I hope Amita would mentor me! 


I’d also like to mention I registered for the renu program after the body transformation program. My skin feels so much better and my hair definitely feels healthier. Just as I finished both body transformation and renu programs, I flew down to India for my brothers wedding and I received lovely compliments on how I’ve lost weight and how well my face is starting to structure (With only a few days of hitting the gym! I’m not a regular). Felt on top of the world! Thanks balance nutrition ?? You made the difficult very very very easy! 

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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Online Nutritionist Consultation