Anusaya Easakki
weight lost: 18 kg
Dear Khyati,

Greetings of the day!

First I would like to thank you for coming up with the concept of the Online Diet program, This program of yours is really a life-changing experience. My thoughts, the way I look at food Is really different now. After joining your programs I learned how we can lose weight by balancing the way we eat them.
All the best to the entire Team of BN and my Best wishes to you.

Like everyone, I was also very doubtful whether this will work for me or not and Dieting was never my choice... But due to my health conditions and continuous change in cities made me think about this and opt for the same. To my surprise, it really worked and broke my myth on online diet programs. I thought they will ask me to starve and would give me food which I don't like to follow but it was exactly the opposite, I was eating every 2 hours and food which I love to eat. This is what made me continue the program without any hesitant.

E-Kit is really really a very good concept of Balance Nutrition which I doubt will be provided by any other dietician. It’s like you enjoy being on a diet which is most needed for every individual. The first diet program which not only changes your way to look at food but will also make you learn on how to balance your diet to live healthily. My work is mostly to travel thrice a week and one meal is always in a restaurant, E-kit was really helpful those days and I use to lose weight too even if I am dining in restaurants. I really loved it.

I never felt that I was on a diet. My mentor Arpita, she always uses to craft my diet as per my food preference and things I liked to eat . Moreover I liked the recipe provided in the websites which really made me continue this program, all the dishes are so yummy. You will never feel you are on the diet program it’s so good. Initially, I thought like other diets programs I would be starved but it was the opposite I use to eat a lot but a healthy Option.

Big thanks to Arpita for tolerating me in my last few sessions. She kept on motivating me on sessions when I didn’t lose weight and use to lose hopes but she really changes my thoughts and made me continue the program. And to my surprise, I lost 18kgs while managing my Thyroid problems. I am very happy with her guidance and assistance provided throughout this program.

This online diet program has changed the way I look at my food and has made me follow the path towards a healthy lifestyle. Now, whenever I look at junk food, I don’t feel tempted at all, in spite of my temptations now are fruit smoothies, oats porridge?

I loved the recipes and will keep on continuing the path towards healthy eating. Like the Brand Name, it really teaches you how to balance your food and stay healthy. The only thing which didn’t happen is that  I am still on thyroid medication and I don’t know the reason but it got increased too. But yes I had lost a good amount of weight which was also one of my focus. My TSH is now 15... The main reason to join the program was to bring down my Thyroid which didn’t happen.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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Online Nutritionist Consultation