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Khyati Rupani before
Khyati Rupani after
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person
Weight Loss : 45 KGS

At 26, I was 91 kg and diagnosed with PCOS. Despite hating exercises, I tried gym but since I had been operated for a slipped disc, heavy work outs were never an option for me. Giving up food was not an option as I loved it more than my husband ;)
What I managed to do was practising portion control & when tempted to snack, I would ask myself: am I hungry or thirsty?Is it boredom or hunger?. Ultimately, I got the real answers and I realized food wasn't providing me with the comfort as I imagined it did.
My battle with physical activity finally stopped last month, even though pretty, I was not at my FITTEST. It is my own journey from THIN TO FIT now that is also an extension to BODY TRANSFORMATION!
My energy levels are all time high, I can see and feel the change in me. Currently, weighing 55 kg, I no longer perceive any mental barriers, whether at work or in my personal life.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Khyati Rupani