Mayuri Sodha
United States
weight lost: 10.8 kg
You remember that's the way I will be addressing you for the rest of my life because you truly are an Angel and your diet plan is like an icing on the cake...I was a little sceptical to do the diet at first thinking it's online will it be worth doing it especially when you overseas and not meeting your nutritionist in person...but you proved me wrong in thinking... 
I not only got to reach my dream weight but my food choices have improved a lot too, had never imagined that healthy food can be made yummy too... I have started making good choices for my kids and husband too and that makes me more happy.... waise kehte hain na lalach buri baat hain but after following your diet for 12 weeks I have got selfish to reduce little more weight.
I can keep going on and on and on speaking about you and Balance nutrition because you and your entire team are Angel in disguise... I would like to wish you and your fellow team members best of luck for the success and good wishes for making peoples life so beautiful... I have not only found a patient dietician but also a good friend in you for life...
So let's have three cheers for yourself, your team and Balance Nutrition... HIP HIP HURRAY... 
God bless you... And keep in touch
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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation