weight lost: 6.5 kg
I want to share a secret with everyone, and the secret is that Khyati is actually a magician in addition to being a dietician :), she can change your shape your body composition, your complexion, skin tone, waistline, can make you look 10 years younger all with her magic. And a big warning for all about the side effects of Khyatis diet guess what... unlimited COMPLIMENTS :). whoa ! what a transformation i have had just following the diet, when i began my weight was 91 kgs and waist was 35 by the time i reached my 10th diet i am 84.5 kgs and waist is 30 unbelievable and that's why i call it magic. This is the result of all natural and a wonderful combination of diet, so those who think muscle cant be earned without steroids are proved wrong by khyati,. Many times i avoided cheating on my diet thinking about Boss who’s working so hard for me on my diet, forgot to tell you who Boss is of course its khyati and why very simple Boss knows the best and boss is always right. How much ever i trouble her to give me more quantity of protein or carbs or fats she doesn't bend to my pressure she knows what’s right for me and gives me the perfect combination of course with the perfect portions which hit the bulls eye. Simply follow and you get great results. a am a health freak have been working out since a long time and have tried many dietitians hence with my preset experience i can proudly say east or west Khyati is the best.

Despite being so busy with her clients all over the world and i suppose working round the clock she very patiently answers all my queries its really commendable what more can you expect, god gifted person she can really handle any difficult case, not to forget now even my dad who is 74 years old and a diabetic since 30 years is experiencing khyatis magic on reaching his diet no 3 his sugar levels are improving and is about to drop a shirt size . God bless you khyati carry on with your noble job of making every soul happy and healthy.
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation