Pranita Thakur
weight lost: 9 kg
This was really an amazing platform for weight loss, I learnt a lot about food , health and body to maintain. After meeting Khyati Ma'am I learned how weight loss and fat loss are different for every individual body. Sometimes it's not weight, it's fat which has to be reduced and yes you and mentor Divya did a wonderful job in making me reach my goal.

E-kit is really very helpful when you are out for ur office work, or vacation, or for any get together out it's help you in guiding what to have , how mch and keeps you focused..?

I am very thankful to Divya , she was always there to guide me whenever I had any doubt.

At last I jst want to say u and your team does a wonderful job. I really appreciate how you ppl work on everyone diet plan.
Thank you Soo much ..???
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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation