Sanjay Kabra
weight lost: 11 kg
In the modern and busy times, I guess an online program is need of the hour to maintain regularity of review. Balance Nutrition’s online programs are perfectly designed taking into consideration every aspect of review and the mentors are trained enough to handle clients from a distance understanding the needs of clients, modifying the program according to my requirements and providing enough flexibility in between with respect to my frequent business travels. Had it been a one-to-one program requiring me to visit a clinic at regular intervals, I am sure I would not have made it to the scheduled appointments in time. The online program provided me an opportunity to stay in the program as every interaction was made possible in the comfort of my house. I truly appreciate the efficiency of Team Khyati for such a wonderful and convenient program.
The second-best aspect is that it’s quite affordable and worthy.

I think E-kit is the most practical aspect of the whole program and the most interesting one too. It takes care of all the FAQs and keeps you updated on portion size, what to eat while you travel/visit a restaurant. Within those limits, I now can eat guilt-free. 

The restaurant and alcohol guide helps you socialize but within limits. The program would have been impossible to follow by me without this kit which is so essential and full of important information. I am a foodie and I travel and socialize a lot. So the kit has helped me a lot. I can understand it would have taken a lot of hard work on the team’s part to come up with something as useful as this. I truly appreciate its existence in the program. The portion control guide and the alcohol guide are my best friends on the go.

Besides my mentor, Pranoti provided enough flexibility with the program in terms of modifications whenever required and around my busy schedule of travelling often.

It seemed like those are plans for correcting my lifestyle.

Pranoti is a great mentor and nutritionist. During the programs, I developed a good rapport with her and she has been very quick to respond always. She has been very supportive throughout by making changes whenever requested, providing breaks in between whenever required, providing valuable guidance throughout and during the entire follow up process, and keeping him motivated.

The portal is very well designed and covers a great deal, offers a very easy mode of review and interaction.

I truly appreciate the efforts taken by Khyati in formulating the online program and making a difference in people’s lives in a very convenient way. 

Khyati’s videos are designed to educate people about various aspects of health and well being. It’s truly commendable that she shares her knowledge freely with others. I love the way she motivates and encourages mentors and other nutritionists working for Balance Nutrition.

Program: Reform
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation