Priya Dhanwani
weight lost: 5.6 kg
Hi Khyati,

Im glad i got introduced to Balance Nutrition by one of my dear frndz who ws  sufferin frm pcos n ws findin it too difficult to reduce weight bt thanks to u & ur team shes lost oodles of weight n inches n is lukin fab ..

I ws motivatd by hr to tk up ur plan.. Im glad i wz convinced n aftr meetin u & spkng to u i din think twice bfr signing up ..

I signed up bt was still hesitant abt hw things wld go coz im wrkng so cookin n carryin diff kinds to diet food to wrk wouldn't b pssbl.. bt as weeks past n new charts wer gvn to me i realisd dat 1 cn do this if he/she is dedicatd n gvs in 100%..

These plans are easy to follow .. ur mentors r thr to support u gv u guidance/ alternatives .. Ruchitra hs answerd to all my queries ..

Thankzz Ruchita .
Program: Reneu
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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation