Moheeta Chugh
weight lost: 6 kg
The overall concept of the online weight loss & health program…. - when I first joined the program 3 years back I was not sure about how would it go... but it gave me amazing results.  So post-pregnancy I knew where to go for all my health needs. 

E-kit and its relevance to the program? Did you find it useful & will you use it even now? - a-list is very helpful as I eat out a lot and my mentor Geeta always guided me and helped me throughout the program. I never gave up eating out thanks to the e-kit.  

What kept you going?- the results I was seeing every week.

Personal touch & mentoring - Geeta is the best mentor I could have asked for. She guided me every step of the way. 

Answered all my queries with patience and has always been enthusiastic ab ok but my progress. 

Favorite recipes/items from the diet charts - konkani dal, quinoa khichdi and proso millet capsicum rice I never had peanut butter in my life but had it twice during m ugh session s and loved it.

I would like to Thank Khyati and the team balance for such amazing programs and the support they provide. Kudos to you guys. 
Program: Slim Smart
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation