Abhiruchi Jain
weight lost: 15 kg
Hey Khyati 

It was a wonderful journey with balance Nutrition. BN has changed my entire lifestyle my food habits, my clothes size, my grocery shopping list, and even my ring and shoe size. 

Before I use to dislike the word DIET itself but BN has changed my point of view and taught me the right meaning of diet and how to balance diet and Nutrition.

This online weight loss program is amazing without gym and workout I have reduced 15 kg only and only from your diet plans. And that too I haven’t missed any party or gatherings. 

During my weight loss journey, I travelled a lot and the E kit helped me a lot. I use to think that while dieting I can’t go out and eat in restaurants but no... I was wrong. E kit and restaurant guide are wonderful now for a lifetime I understood how to choose the right food which makes you slim fit and healthy. 
I was searching for an answer from ages that who is your mentor or guru?who is your idle? whom you follow blindly? And I never found the answer. Then after marriage, I accepted my husband as my mentor but the truth was something else and I became his mentor but after joining balance Nutrition I found the answer which I was looking for ages and finally I got a “Mentor”. 

And that angel is Hardi. 

“My Mentor Hardi” 

My mentor Hardi also an amazing person. She tolerated my impatience attitude, my craziness, my stupidity and my so many queries with so much of humbleness. She guided me and pampered me a lot. 

The best part of this plan is they feed you a lot. Your brain doesn’t even think about food because every two hours you have to eat or drink something and that’s how it’s easy and long-lasting otherwise it wasn’t possible for me. I wanted to reduce my weight from 5 years but couldn’t do it and then I decided “ humse na ho payega”  but now My thoughts are totally different it’s like if “I can do it anyone can do it”.

I have learned many things from Balance Nutrition like 

Namak para and Mathri are my past and khakras are my present and future.

I said bye-bye to Chips and biscuits. And now I live with Chana, sunflower seed and makhana. 

My most favourite recipe is Ragda chaat, yoghurt parfaits, infuse water and oat wheat chapati 

I hate oats and I never thought that we can consume it in chapati way. Now I add oats powder in so many recipes like Upma, Idli, Dosa, parathas, and chillas. 
A big thanks to balance Nutrition for this.

I must say that Dal and Paneer also helped me a lot to reduce weight.
Balance Nutrition has taught me to include dal or paneer in your diet. Before I never took dal and paneer very seriously.

I never gave up on maggi and pani puri. 
These two things r my weakness. I am sorry Hardi I am telling you now about this.

My overall journey was superb. I am in love with BN... And very thankful. It’s a lifetime experience. A big thank you to Khyati, Hardi and team BN for making me smart enough to take care of my self and my family before I was only a wife and a mom but now I am a sexy and super wife and a super mom too as I play with food and feed proper  and healthy nutrition to my family  ? ?

Thanks with Regards 
And much love for Hardi my mentor.
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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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Online Nutritionist Consultation