Deepali Rodrigues
Hong Kong
weight lost: 27.8 kg
Hypothyroidism an excuse or I should say misconception that I lived with & post pregnancy weight gain put together that one cannot loose weight was completely changed when I joined Balance Nutrition 

My journey at Balance nutrition was excellent , the mentor and team is available for you at any point help you to reach your weight loss goal . 

Last year when I begun my journey I didn’t know that weight loss diet plans at BN comes with amazing varieties of recipes and so well planned that I never felt I was on diet ever!! They are so personalised diet plans as per one’s individuals lifestyle and hence easy to follow well. Balance Nutrition teaches you to not only eat healthy but to eat in portions. 

The best part is they are completely online and in today’s busy world what else would you want which is brought right in front of your smartphones & desktop!! Just need a bit of one’s own dedication to achieve you weight loss.

E-kit provided is a great self guidance and helps you to stay within the boundary.

I truly thank the entire team for my entire weight loss journey which wouldn’t have been possible without Balance Nutrition. 

A special thanks to Khyati & my mentors- especially Amita who kept me stay motivated even when I thought I reached a plateau and also Alisha, Nusrat. All mentors are great. 

You are doing an excellent job and wish you all the very best for future always!
Program: Weight Loss +
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation