Deepti Gupta
weight lost: 9.5 kg
Dear Khyati,
Indeed my journey with balance nutrition was pretty long! 

Well, initially I was a bit apprehensive about the online weight loss program because I had heard so many failure stories. but based on personal experience of a dear friend I decided to go ahead nevertheless and I'm glad I did...the weight that used to seem like its stuck to me forever started disappearing. being a gynaecologist and working mom of two wasn't sure as to how much I'd be able to manage. but the recipes, the links, the team were all very helpful and made sure I could pull it off.

I'm also hypothyroid and on contraceptive pills. these two have myths associated ki inke sath to weight badhta hai. I think that also made me quite happy ki ye wakai me sirf myth hai. weight loss is very much possible in every circumstance provided one set their mind to it.

What kept me going was the progress and the changes everyone observed and started noticing. I was feeling lighter, fitter, more confident. and never even once I felt weak or tired or lethargic because I was on a "diet".
all e kits, eat out kits were quite useful.

My favourites were paneer tikki and steamed veggies and also sprouts with toast and yoghurt fruit parfait...
as for unhealthy items...quite a few. but puris bread rolls and my regular cup of tea was something I just could never let go!
Program: Weight Loss +
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation