Hima Goradia
United Arab Emirates
weight lost: 9.4 kg

I first ur advertisement on FMC.. Initially I was skeptical Ab online programme. But when I saw the videos and it states no compulsory exercises required, I wanted to give a try. Its not actually a weight loss program.. It's a lifestyle changer. E kit is so nice.. It helped a lot in keeping me going as it practically allowed me to have each and every cuisine. My mentors Pooja and Amita were very prompt at time I used to feel I m asking too many questions a but I have always got a prompt reply form both of them.


I loved almost all the recipes...but my personal favorite is Power Poha. 


Different types of teas and infusions. It halpes me a lot when I feel blotted. 


chocolates(though as ur instructions consumed oy dark chocolates). 


I m also attaching my before and after picture.


Once again thanks 4 all the support.. 

Program: Weight Loss +
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation