Indira Vyas
United Arab Emirates
weight lost: 13 kg
I started my journey with balance nutrition last 25 April 2016. I had tried all the possible things to loose weight and get in shape like gym walking and everything.  kg and 7 kgs more I put on after my hernia surgery. The doctor told me that you need to reduce your fats or it may occur again I was very confused and worried. One day my friend and neighbour I met her nearly after a month or so when met I was shocked  to see her transformation came to knew about balance nutrition looking at her thought of starting it. I could never think of dieting as I am very foodie .
When I started my 1 session I weighed 80. was little difficult but seeing the result in first was happy got motivated to do 2 session too. By the time I could finish my 2 session people started complimenting me and noticing difference in me. I too started feeling happy getting into nice clothes fitting into old jeans and all and in this journey I lost 8 kgs. Than I took the break for 2months but learned to eat right thing and in proportion . I came back from India and started my new programme in which again I lost 3kgs kg and but in which I lost more on my inches than weight I got toned with my body.
With the help of E kit,  tips and help of the mentors free fillers you can follow it properly and it surely helps you . Now again I have joined her for my new session which I am enjoying to reach my target.

In my journey of this I never felt bored of doing the session because each session I get to learn something new to eat and follow the right way. In my whole journey I lost the total weight of 13kgs.
Program: Weight Loss +
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation