Neerav Naik
weight lost: 16.9 kg
It is very useful as we do not have time to make regular visits to a dietician and this way we are in constant touch online. 

 E-kit and its relevance to the program. It was very useful.

 The rapid progress in the earlier months was really encouraging and made me believe the overall goal was achievable and something that can be done in a few months.

 I was happy with the constant mentoring as it drove accountability and helped to stay focused. Overall very happy with the journey having met the goals in a healthy way.

 I have also discovered a new lifestyle in terms of always evaluating food options and choosing healthier options. I think can continue this for a long time. 

 I liked all the different options to the normal Wheat rotis like Bajra, Mixed Wheat/oat, etc. It tasted better and healthier the regular Carb alternatives. 

 I liked the soups also a lot like the Buddha bowl soup, Rice lentil soups, etc. I loved the Paneer recipes like the tikkis etc. Paneer, Bajra/Oats It was easy to give up sweet items but I like savory items so I would sometimes still eat papad or a Medu vada in between rarely.
Program: Weight Loss +
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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation