Nikhil Jinadra
weight lost: 13.5 kg
Thanks for your support and motivation,without which it would be difficult for me to go on.
I'm definitely following diet,but few cheats do happens due to socials.But now I'm really motivated and like to go for some exercise in the morning.
I'm happy with efforts karishma taking,but I find that some diets do become routine like breakfast menu is almost same from past 4 weeks.
And if possible give more options for evening snacks because it's time of the day where I find my self actually hard to follow diet and eat outside snacks.
There is some query regarding this week diet about one day diet which I had already sent details to karishma,I hope you'll look into that.
Will do rest of sessions with more efficiently.
Program: Weight Loss +
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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation