Rahul Sharma
United Arab Emirates
weight lost: 9.2 kg
I Have attached me before and after the pic here. I have taken a pic in this shirt especially. Because there is a very interesting story behind it. This was the shirt gifted by my wife on my birthday in 2012. And I didn't fit into this. it was so tight that it was hard to breathe comfortably. Then my wife told me that she doesn't have time to exchange and it took a lot of time for her to search for this piece. Now keep it and "isako pehanane Jaise double ho jao". On that day we just laughed and kept that shirt. But I never thought that in 2015 I will really fit into this. So all thanks to you both.

I agree that in the last few sessions I was not that much sincere because of a new job and most of the time it was traveling. First I thought to take a break but then I thought I will take 4 extra sessions when all these things will be settled in the next few months.

This program really helped me a lot. it totally changed the perception of my food and diet. Now I myself feel guilty if I miss salad a single day or miss my green tea or ate outside more than my portion. You have helped me in choosing the best option while eating. 

Thanks again.
Program: Weight Loss +
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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation