weight lost: 15.6 kg
Hi Khyati, 

I had a wonderful journey with Balance Nutrition!! All thanks to you, Adeeba and Fatima who helped me and guided me through this entire journey.  Without the support and motivation, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have. 

I got to know about Balance Nutrition from my fiancé’s aunt who was enrolled with you guys and was happy with losing weight.  It so happened that one day I was talking to him saying that I’m becoming fat without even having much of junk. He then told me why don’t you try this you have nothing to loose if you loose weight and reach closer to your goal I’ll get you that ring which you always wanted! So that’s how all this began.  When I enrolled with BN I was weighing 89.3 and this came as a huge shock to me... At that very point, I decided that I won’t do it for the ring but to get myself back on track.  My thyroid reports were showed that my levels were increasing and having diagnosed with hyperthyroidism its was difficult for me to loose weight add to it mild PCOS and it was a disaster.  My periods were irregular, my hemoglobin counts were low and I was basically in a place where I thought I would never get back to what I was earlier.  Then came to my first session which was crafted in such a way that I was a little taken aback thinking how am I going to eat so much and loose weight?  That’s when my Mentor Adeeba guided me through the ekit and told me that I can still eat and loose weight!! I really loved the way Khyati, Adeeba, and Fatima were always there to answer the silliest of my queries! Today after nine months I’m 15.6 kgs lighter!! And I will surely come back to loose more weight!! Any amount of Thankyou won’t describe how i feel when people tell me you look thinner and that you should keep going!! I even fit into my old clothes again! 

My favorite recipes was the tri color sandwich and the egg drop soup (fast and easy to make) 

According to me makanas really helped me satiate my hunger along with sunflower seeds! 

Chaklis! Though I had one or two of them in the entire journey and yes chocolate which was substituted once I got to know they’re not doing me any good

Have a nice day!  
Program: Weight Loss +
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation