Shubhashree Kannan
weight lost: 10.9 kg
Dear khyati,

Huma, Sorry for the delay in replying to your email as I wanted to get my lab tests done and follow accordingly. My reports will be sent through WhatsApp, please. With regard to my write up as desired, I wish to state that my journey with balance is "dream come true". 

It was a wonderful experience all through. I had several health issues and had totally lost faith that I would lead a normal life. 

Thanks for khyati and her team who has worked for me to derive targets making impossible as possible. A collective effort from yoga and diet leads to achieving results. Requesting once again to guide me towards working on HDL and LDL which are variations in my present report.

Thank you all once again for bringing back my health and to get rid of obesity. Attaching my photos for your reference with a request not to upload on Facebook, please. 

Regards Shubha.
Program: Weight Loss +
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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation