Tanushree Bhandari
weight lost: 11.1 kg

I would like to share story of my journey to a healthy life where I achieved ideal weight, learnt to live healthy lifestyle and reduced the impact of medial issues.

Since childhood I was a healthy child. My weight was increasing at a much faster pace than my age. I tried various options, starved for food for days to see the magical number on my weight chart but all failed. It gave me smile for few days but very soon I was back to the peak of my weight chart. At a height of 5'3", my weight was 80 kgs. Later I was diagnosed with Thyroid which also progressed due to my higher weight. These medical issues and excess weight, made my life difficult as I always felt tiredness and lack of energy.

On other hand, my husband used to be fit person but soon after the marriage, weight gain started for my husband too. Further, after we moved to middle east, he was diagnosed with Blood Pressure (BP), which is basically a lifestyle problem in this region and he started taking BP medicines at the age of 30.

In other words, weight gain started creating medical issues and it was high time to get rid of the same. Then we came to know about Balance Nutrition (Online weight loss and Management Programme) and were impressed with stories shared on their website and facebook page. Though now a days it is difficult to trust any weight loss program but still we decided to try it.

It is difficult to express my experience in words but it was amazing journey. It changed our lifestyle, eating habits, increased our awareness and most importantly gave us magical numbers on our weight chart ?. Without any exercise, we lost Kgs and inches. We are able to maintain it even after ten months. Our BP and Thyroid medicine dosage has reduced and we feel more healthy.

This transformation has not only been appreciated by my family but some of them got motivated and joined this programme. The results are same for them and the chain of healthy people is increasing.....

I call it as lifestyle change, now my weight is 68 and my husband reached to 70. Being Marwari and food blogger, this was a challenge for us but Balance Nutrition made it easy. After this learning from Balance Nutrition, I can proudly say that “Don’t eat to live, but live to eat” as far as you eat healthy food.

Thanks to Khyati Rupani, Balance Nutrition and team.

Program: Weight Loss +
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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Online Nutritionist Consultation