Aarti Dsouza
weight lost: 8 kg
Dearest Khyati,
I have been waiting to share my testimony and experience with Balance Nutrition.
Let me begin by saying, I delivered a baby in August 2013 and few months down I suddenly gained alot of weight and it was showing BIG time! Thankfully, I came across you on fmc on facebook and thought to myself "would this really work?" As i hv tried alot of diet programmes, gyming the past but in vain. In the month if May'14, my hubby and me planned our 1st holiday with our baby to Goa. Thats where I decided, i am joining your diet sessions because none of my clothes looked good or fitted me in Goa!! Haha! I just started feel so "FAT & BLOATED"!! Still sneaked in some yummy goan food but promised myself to join you. To cut the story short, soon I was a part of Balance Nutrition. So glad I joined in the sessions!
The 1st day I thought I'm a gone case once again and my head started to ache with less food. I still remember, I pinged you Khyati and you said "Eat a full bhel or a veg sandwich - NO STARVING!" Wow! That was such a life saver and soooo encouraging! There on I started to loose weight kg after kg!!! I have lost 6-7kgs and finally I am proud to say - I lost weight! Compliments keep pouring in. Feels awesome as this is 1st time I hv been successful in loosing weight and people are noticing! Great inch loss!! Fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans!!! Wearing a couple of size smaller tees!! Awesome feeling of achievement and that is only because of You - kind, loving and patient Khyati!
God bless you success!
Lotsa luv,
Aarti D'souza
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