Aarti Sardesai
United States
weight lost: 12 kg

I always knew I was overweight but I was Ok with it. I had to be. There was not much time to make me a priority. There was no time at all to look after myself. Sounds familiar right? Like every working mom this was my story. Being in US just adds to its complexity.

And then something happened. The scale which I hoped every morning would show a miracle by reducing my weight crossed 200 pounds. I had to do something to keep it in control. For my kids, my family, for me - I have to do something while I was still thinking this the scale reached 204 lbs and I woke up..

I decided to fight this issue once and for all. My weight gain was the results of difficult pregnancy, unhealthy eating, lack of sleep and unstructured life style. But I had done trying losing weight on my own once and even though I succeeded that time it all came back with double speed since I did not maintain the weight loss properly. So I made some decisions one I would not do anything that I will not be able to sustain life long..e.g. protein shakes, etc. and second I would only exercise which I can continue lifelong.

That where Khyati and Balance Nutrition played a very key role. I got introduced to Khyati by my very dear friend and I could see it was working for her. So why not? And I am so glad I did. Khyati gave me weekly charts on what to eat and how much. Even though on paper I thought I would starve, I soon realized I was not able to eat everything she wanted me in one day!! Too little was too much? She places the meals in very key times depending on individuals life style that you are always full and never tempted to eat out of pantry. And soon the scale started moving down. The first time I lost 3 lbs I stood on it multiple times, I just could not believe it. Khyati altered my charts so that the weight loss continued and I kept enjoying the food. She introduced me to healthy eating and taught me how easy it was to make a right choice and select proper portion sizes. When at times I was losing track she got me back in my game by constantly motivating me.

Having a buddy in your journey always helps. I was fortunate enough to have Khyati, my family, my travel buddy and my gym buddy all along with me. They kept encouraging me and results started to show. Today I am 30 lbs lighter and weigh around 170 lbs. So all my friends who are trying to lose weight my only advice is keep going.use Khyati charts and keep bugging her for support. I know she is always willing to help and Iike one cereal box advertises WHAT  YOU WILL GAIN WHEN YOU LOSE

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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Online Nutritionist Consultation