Asha Gopinath
weight lost: 7 kg

Hi Khyati

I would like to admit that i was a little hesitant to take up the diet program initially, as i am Foodie (as i have said before, to be precise, "a Junk  foodie"). It was the push from my husband and the encouragement that "I can do it". I took up the program with a heavy heart, thinking i will have to sacrifice and starve out on my favorites.


But that's not what happened..!! Working with you and understanding the foods that got included and their health benefits was an amazing journey. I learnt about food and truly now look at "food" in a different way. I did not feel like i had to sacrifice the "goodies" as there were so many alternative as suggested in your plan and i munched on them. All in all it has been a fantastic journey and a learning experience for life.


i have lost the weight well and will keep at it. I have promised myself now to stick to the "good and health benefit" foods and make my family members to experience the same.


A big thanks to You, Khyati for all your guidance, support and the confidence that you showed in me after every session...!!!


Cheers to you and your team, especially my Mentors..!!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation