Bhavika Shah
United Arab Emirates
weight lost: 7 kg
Hello khyati,

How u doing? I am just doing fine!
My journey with Balance Nutrition started in July and now it has come to an end!
What an amazing journey it was!!
Losing weight can be easy but getting knowledge about each and every food that we are eating, knowing its benefit for our body is more important for me!
You not only helped me reduce 6.5 kgs but also made me aware about food habits! I will keep this in my mind all my life and will try to lead a healthy life!
While with Balance Nutrition, I was never deprived of any of my food cravings, ate everything what I crave for, had parties, had lot of outside food n sweets but yet managed to maintain my weight! That was the most amazing part of my journey throughout!!!
Also, would appreciate all the recipes that u have provided with, not only me but my whole family enjoyed them!! I feel great positivity and remarkable difference in my lifestyle, thanks for that Khyati!
Thank you pooja, my mentor for barring with me all times, giving answers for all my questions!!I never felt I was on diet & when I was with Balance Nutrition!!!
Thank you each and every one for the great support and making me beautiful from outside and inside both!!!!
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation