Dimple Melwani
weight lost: 7 kg

Let me start the testimonial by saying - You are costing me a lot of money! You know why? because i need a whole new wardrobe !! None of my old clothes fit me - they are at least 1-2 sizes larger than what i need now. I am not complaining, My bank account is! LOL On a serious note, I know I haven't been one of the most prompt and regular clients of yours and hence my results obviously were not up to the mark. But hey, that's my life.

Good today, crazy tomorrow and crazier day after. Nevertheless, I did manage to lose 6-7 kgs in 12 weeks and I am quite pleased with it. (My goal was 8 kgs) You were always around on mail / watsapp to answer queries. Especially when i needed substitutes - many of the things are not easily available here. But u have always given me an alternative.

I like your spirit , your dedication to your work and your clients and the way u inspire and egg on your clients .

Most importantly, I have now become aware of healthier food alternatives which don't have to taste bad. A dash of lime here, a bit of seasoning there and you make your healthy food tastier. I am sure this journey is not going to end because weight loss is not about dieting, it's about a lifestyle change. You helped me make that change and that's what a good nutritionist does!

Thanks Khyati!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation