Geeta Sharma
weight lost: 8.5 kg
Hi Mam,

I tried many dieting options suggested by my friends and also whatever I came across on the social media. But I never got a good result. In some cases I saw some weight reduction but it used to come back after I stop the dieting. So I was very disappointed. In the mean time I found Khyati rupani balancenutrition on one of the Facebook groups. Again I was not sure whether it will really work. But I finally decided to go for it and I contacted on the your whatsapp no. And I was given the satisfactory answers and I joined the program for 3 months. Till date I have lost 6.5 kg weight and also 4 inches in measurements which is encouraging for me and I am looking forward to losing another 2 kg during the last session which is going on. So over all I am very happy with the results and do hope that with the maintenance kit I should be able to retain the achieved weight loss.

I also found the contents of the E-Kit very useful particularly in terms of healthy recipes and it suggests the food that can be taken while eating in restaurant during weekends.

What kept me going during this program is that it’s doable. Also whenever I was feeling low , there was a mentor to help me on my doubts and motivate me to achieve my goals. Thanks a lot Karishma and Shrutika for being there to support me during my journey.

I would like to mention that I liked Buddha Bowl from the recipes very much.

I think the apple cider vinegar which was a part of almost every session was very effective in achieving weight loss.

Although I completely gave up the junk foods including the sweets but on couple of occasions I had taken a little.
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation