Kajal Madnani
weight lost: 7 kg
Will miss you n my mentor vmuch.I have had a wonderful journey with you .
Its a experience will relish the rest of my life.
Your guidance n handholding of my mentor. Huda has been superb, the only person defaulting has been me.I have at times taken long break towards my sessions.
Its been great to understand new foods the dare to try new cold pressed oils, apple cider vinegar,the lovely seeds ,chia flax seeds pumpkin ,sunflower seeds, zucchini, borrocoli ,olive oil,infused waters how can i forget it, the lovely dark coffee with ginger the variety of teas you opened the global food world to me .How can i measure it up with a plain thankyou.The importance of green tea after lunch is so huge,the jowar bajra rotis were awesome the daliyas the list is unending fabulous the journey is so unravelling the mystery so deep the education so meaningful .You have handheld a full family not just one person.
Its been like i used to await my next session what would be introduced in it .
Thanku Khyati ,luv u , vsweet of u .You have definitely helped me with your effective diets. Will definitely put in 150% from now on .
Thanks once again 

Before is dress picture pink at 75 kgs and after pic at 67.7kgs.Thanks to Khyati, Vaibhavi n you Huda .
Weight was not ready to shift from 75kg

Still work in process ;) to reach 60 kgs which does seem vvhard .But with sincerity n hardwork n ur support i am sure it will happen.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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Online Nutritionist Consultation