Karuna Wakharkar
weight lost: 6.2 kg
My weight loss story - although I wasn't myself convinced about this program last year, I did not give it a try then. I had my own doubts about how a dietician can help me simply on any online program where she cannot even see me. But this year, I started fearing about more health problems like PCOS, acne, hair loss, irritability, etc. attached with my increasing weight. And after doing some research and reading through the successful stories I made up my mind on going for the 90 days program to attain maximum weight loss. I started with 84.9 kgs and my target was to achieve 75 kgs, I only managed to touch 78.7. But I feel more determined and active after this program. I have learnt it is more of focusing and being truthful to yourselves rather than others when it comes to weight loss and following diets.

E-kit and its relevance to the program - The e-kit is an extremely helpful guideline for binge eaters like me. I believe that it adds more value and relevance to this program.

The continuous WhatsApp messages from Ayesha and some compliments that I receive from Kajal after every session kept me going. I have also started receiving compliments from my friends and family.

The personal touch and attention by my mentor and also by you (specially, when I was planning to take a small break during Ganpati) was very helpful to keep me on track.

I would definitely want to achieve my dream weight with the maintenance plan and keep focusing all by myself for 3 months and then come back with a new me to share my success story on social media with you.

My most favourite recipes were veg stir fry/ paneer recipes/ chole chaat. It satisfied my taste buds for eating delicious food and did not miss eating outside too.

The superfood I learnt about was green tea. I have started liking it now and I think it has helped me too in my journey so far.

1 junk food item that I never gave up during the program was chole chaat / pav bhaji / Chinese stir fried veggies.

I look forward to hearing from you soon about my maintenance plan.

Many thanks.
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation