Manaswee Sahoo
weight lost: 9.4 kg
hey Khyati,
Dear Deepti and Khyati,
We are in the last session now of ur wonderful program. PFA the weight monitor post session 19.
As informed by u, the next diet plan would be my maintenance plan. 
I wanted to know if I would get access to all ur wonderful recipes and articles through my login on ur website post my session get over.

I sincerely thank each one of you for ur guidance and support which brought me frm 85kgs last April to 74kgs this April. Thanks to u, I'm a slimmer self on my bday this year which is Jst a week away.
Well my weight loss journey is just half way it's mark.
Awaiting the next course of action 

Dear Khyati,
Thanks for your mail. I'm looking forward to my maintenance diet. Request u to plan in such manner that slowly and steadily I loose some more weight in due course. 

Would like to point out a small concern that has decreased with time bt is still there. So far I hv been suffering from the prblm of water retention during the pms phase. So few tips to manage that would be welcome.

As far as your program is concerned, I can't thank enough to u and ur team for bringing me to a phase where I feel healthy and happy see I'm on the right track for my weight loss goal.

Hello Khyati,
Indeed we are cmng to the end of sessions now but all thanks to u and ur luvly team for helping me achieve a healthier self. 

I'm glad that I enrolled myself with team Balance.
I have already sent u a before & after pic. Though I'm attaching the latest one for the after version 

Thanks and regards
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Online Nutritionist Consultation