Minoti Kundargi
United States
weight lost: 5.54 kg
As I said, I can see inches difference and because I have been weight training with trainer for past 2 years, I do have muscle developed. 

Thank you Khyati and Vaibhavi. It is motivating to see inch loss. 
Here is a positive note - 
I have this skirt which I was not able to use for almost 4/5 years(or may be more) as it was extremely tight on my thighs, stomach and on my butts. It is one of my favorite skirt and it is size 8 without spandex(elastic). But I was able to wear it comfortably today. It is bit tight on my stomach but fits well everywhere else! I am sooooo happy you can not believe my joy!! So for today with my weight disappointment, I am ready to take on next challenge to loose more weight! 

I have started running 2 times a week to maximize my efforts :)

Thank you,
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Online Nutritionist Consultation