Neha Shah
weight lost: 10 kg
 Well to start with Balance Nutrition has been an eye opener to the very fact that weight loss is not a one time process but a never ending journey which will go on for my entire life. With you and your team I learned the real meaning of clean eating and how the same over the kitchen ingredients can be used in a more positive way making a larger impact on your metabolism. I was suffering from low vitamins level associated with considerable knee pain when I started my journey with you. But as we went along week on week , along with weight I also lost all the other pains. I shall be ever grateful to you for changing my perspective towards weight loss and life as a whole. I did had my cheat days, some delayed cycles of weight loss.. but all in all it still benefited me in a great way. Special thanks to You and Vaibhavi to stand by me even when I was not putting in my best. To be patience towards me and keep motivating which helped in leading me to achieve my goals with more vigor. I had already send my before and after pictures to Vaibhavi recently so not attaching any thing again. Looking forward to receive the last Maintenance diet from your end. Tc and God Bless You with more and more success. Lots of Love,
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation