Pavitra Dayanidhi
weight lost: 11 kg

I was introduced to Khyathi and balance nutrition by my friend and colleague NGS. She had lost tremendous amounts of weight and looked so perfect post maternity that it looked more li. ke she'd come back from a liposuction rather than maternity! It was amazing inspiring and truly motivatingThis was a phase of life when after 1year of yoga, 6 months of rigourous gymming (hiring a personal trainer at a renowned fittness centre) all that i managed was to loose around 3kgs and gain a knee pain so bad that i could no longer continue to even walk on the tread mill. With no hope and no aspiration, i checked with khyathi regarding balance nutrition. It was promising than most nutritionists that i have heard of with respect to the weekly follow ups. I have heard and seen diet programs which are defined for months and changes in diet based on body feedback to the diet plan are far less frequent. I didnt immediately take up the program. Some more weight gain and worse knee pain adding to doctor's reduce weight brought me into the deadlock situation since all i knew about weight loss was immense amount of exercise. It was a relief that Khyati mentioned  -> no exercise needed, NGS confirmed that too. This is when with lot of apprehensions I enrolled into Balance nutrition online program. 

With no other means of contact to the mentor other than the email ID, i thought it was going to be very difficult to handle. However, my mentor Nishita did a lovely job. She was always prompt in her replies and specifically helped me understand how the weekly plans worked. With every new diet plan was also the recipes which were a true blessing. In fact the recipes have become so popular at home that i now include them for many breakfast or night dinners. Most of the nutraceuticals were available either online or in the organic stores near home. Everyone at home warned me that i would be starving myself and bringing me more misery than joy. It was surprise that i had to in the first 2 weeks force myself to eat the 6 meals that were advised. I was always feeling full and healthy. Everything just seemed right. The weighing machine started showing lesser and lesser weight.... It was a surpise! It was magical! There was also a phase when in between I had to travel out of home  for 3 days and was not cooking for myself. I had put on some weight (close to 2 kgs) when i got back. When i revealed that to my mentor, she patiently explained what i had done wrong and how i could correct it. The next time I traveled i knew how to do better. I not only managed not to gain, but also had surprisingly lost weight too. My breaks in between due to travels in summer, family commitments all included were never complained.... Nishita just sent me 'gentle reminders' ;) and i would then reply back with my details. The entire weight loss program i realised was planned keeping in mind my time in kitchen (given that i am also am a career person) and what worked for me ! The constant feedback from the weighing machine kept me going. It is indeed life transforming. With the loss in weight came the gained confidence of the better personality. During my 15 day travel to the north i was also provided the travel guide on how to eat and what to eat. What Khyathi helps best is to make you realise when to stop! She never asks you to stop eating junk... It is just that you consciously grow to judiciously deciding what is the better option. Even though this is purely a online program, Khyati is always available on whatsapp too -> many times, i've whatsapped her from the store asking her - thai basil or italian basil?? Red rice or brown rice??? etc and the answers were always prompt !

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation