Pooja Menon Roy
weight lost: 8.1 kg
I had been trying to lose weight since couple of years but all in vain due to lack of will power. I also tried some weight loss program but it didn't work due to its strict plans. Then I came across balance nutrition which looked interesting. After lot of questions and discussions, I enrolled into this program. And this was undoubtedly one of the best decisions of my life. 
Connect with my mentor Divya was too good. Though communication was mainly through emails, it felt as if I am 
actually talking to my mentor. This was mainly possible due to the connect and warmth provided by Khyati, Divya and entire team of balance nutrition.  Another very good thing was the diet sessions which were crafted with so much of thought, heart and mind. 3 things hat kept me going -  my will power, Divya's constant motivation and compliments from my family and friends.
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation