Samita Ralkar
weight lost: 5 kg
Hi mam hw ru.I am  deliberately sending   a mail  late coz dis diet counselling has come to n end  and m so low about that .every week had an anxiety as in wats in store next  n wat are d delicious recipies that i am gonna get. Every week had fruitful results. I have a major fat loss.I  havnt spoken to u nor met u in person.Its just happned via mail n watsapp .This proves that u r a perfectionist to the skin n help people get back in to shape n also their confidence back. I am sanguine you must b bombarded with so many compliments. There smthing dat really connnects me to you .I will b in touch for sure n yes m planning for another baby too n so wud again join u. I consider myself lucky to b associated with u.
TC  regards
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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation