Shilpa Dhavan Anand
weight lost: 9.8 kg
khyati u finally making me enjoy eating food, ur recipes r just fantaistic n so easy to get hooked on to for life. 22 day and 6 kgs down is insane !!!!! and  i just keep eating all day..(i actually sometimes have to skip something u making eat ask am so full) 
you n my mentor drishti are fantastic as i actually signed up with you nearly a yr  ago, with no results obviously my fault of doing the diet properly.
but since that time i kept getting emails to join back at no extra cost !!! who does that !!! 
thank u khayati to stand by ur clients u r truly a gem of a person 
lot of kgs to go but at least m under the right guidance u will will help me thru this journey.....
about the no alcoholic can't believe it no drinks the 1 st 15 days after that had one and half glass 
love shilpa 

Guys gud morning .....I have just inspired myself to do better !!!!!
Thanks to u dhrishti  n Khayati .....
After that black dress from last night Aman is like ask Khayati I will join ...heheheh I said u mail her cause she will have a few questions about ur present diet ...
Hopefully u will get a mail soon ...
Thanxxx a lot ..

Hi ,
I am seeing a tremendous inch loss ... Older jeans fit well even loose now ( they used to fit when I was say 12 kgs lighter than now ) .. But weight loss good as well ..
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation