Shreya Prabhu
weight lost: 5.2 kg

Hi Khyati,

wanted to thank u and especially  my mentor for helping me and taking so much efforts towards me. i have lost weight to a great extent and am extremely happy i took up your programme, feels great to recieve compliments. i need to buy new clothes now.. everythings become sooo lose now. i love ur recipes. now i have so many options to eat healthy which i was totally unaware of earlier.
 i used to seek advice earlier from others as to how to lose weight and now am giving advice to others as to how to lose weight and wat to eat:))) thanks a ton for bringing about this big change in my life.
 now when i look at pastries too i don feel like having more than a small bite. so u have made a big differnce in my eating habits. thanksssss. i wil definately renew my programme with u after a while.

 u n ur team are doing a great job. keep it up!!

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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation