Shubhangi Bumiya
weight lost: 8.3 kg
For me weigh loss was like slowly and gradually in whole year 2017.
Finally by end of January 2018 I could reach 63. But more... then weight loss my inch loss is really good. But I do regret at times that I couldn't reach my goal...that's going below 60. 
So was happy to see my inch loss equivalently. From 65 to 63 again was little tough for me.

Thanks you so much Mrs. Khyati for the wonderful journey whole 2017. Got to learn lot of things from you. 
What to eat...what not to eat. 
Eating healthy food in a right manner and reduce weight and inches was great experience for me. 
Will still concentrate on my diet in coming few months and will try to exercise more. 
Will try to hit below 60 someday.
The day when I will reach below 60 kg....will Inform you and karishma first for sure.
My special thanks to you and your whole team for all support.
Special thanks to Karishma ...she is a fabulous mentor.
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation