Sumeet Daga
weight lost: 28.9 kg
Hi Khyati,

Let me start by saying the overall journey was a  very good experience and the takeaways will stay with me life long.

The intiative to join the program was mine after I heard about it from a social contact in Bahrain but all the research whether to join or not and all doubts were raised and cleared by my wife. Once i was into the program initially it was difficult but once u see your efforts and dedication paying off it is worth giving it your best.

The E-Kit to confess i never used it directly much because if eating out i had in mind that i will eat what and how much i want. But thanks to Wifey I was indirectly following the E kit and it helped especially with the diverse cuisine options. Also, travel guide helped me.

My mentor Karishma was super quick in replying to queries be it substituting the products not available in gulf time to time or any other query.

I just have one suggestion as this is an online program I believe the site should be more advance and more used during the programs.

To conclude the program has helped me; apart from losing weight, in 2 life changing  things:

1) Reduce my overeating habits by practicing portion control
2) Acidity issues were relieved a lot.

And lastly I am still not done with the program I will join back soon, once I take a good break and inculcate exercise habits.

Big thank you to Karishma !!!
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation