Tanima Dutta
weight lost: 3.2 kg

Thanks for the warm letter ... Yes indeed my journey with balance nutrition was a comfortable and enjoyable one ....atleast i know i did my level best to keep it up , and Karishma was always there to help me out .

A few points i would surely want to talk about here ... Firstly i was introduced to so many new things like cider drink, chia seeds, haleem seeds, cinnamon powder, jeera drink, aloe vera juice, infused water and so on ... But was never given any information about how its going to help me ... And hence now am totally confused and handicapped about when and how to take them and even which of all to take them . I would really appreciate if any of you can guide me during the maintainance period on this ...

Seconly i was never told about this before and after photograpghs ... Hence wasnt prepared . Anyways am attaching two of mine ...

Lastly , thank you soooo much for all your help and guidance ...

Thanks and regards

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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation