Urvi Shah
United Kingdom
weight lost: 20 kg
Hi Khyati Mam,
Hope you doing well are my following answers for the questions.
The concept of online weight loss program was initially not very satisfying for me but after doing a bit of research and my family being a member of BN too from their feedback I went ahead with a positive approach. the online concept is so clear and in detailed that before you start they ask you to fill a questionnaire in a way your daily routine.
E-kit was like a food dictionary to me . I used  it whenever I am out to try a different cuisine and follow it blindly so It help me enjoy my food with a proper portion control too . e kit helped me when I m away in odd hours when I cant catch hold my Mentor ARPITA.
Gradually loss in my weight and the 11th-day check of measurements  kept me going and my  keep doing attitude plus the encouragement of my mentor Arpita to approach positively kept me going throughout
There is definitely a personal touch to the program .my mentor Arpita she is been with me throughout when I had a breakdown she helped me stayed focused to answering to all my question immediately. Khyati mam has really made a family kind of relations between their client and mentor. I really appreciate the bond that I have made with my mentor.
BN and Arpita has thought me how to eat right healthy and in portion. I have indeed lost 20kg from 85kg to 65.4 now which I never thought I will do it. I feel so fresh beautiful and fit. I now know what healthy eating is so I can keep my family and loved one guided how to eat right ..thank you Khyati mam and Arpita for the guidance. I will be thankfull to you both as you helped me loss so much weight  with ease and I was eating all .most importantly I was focused and determined
Buddha bowl soup, overnight oats, different protein chilla, open carrot toast, there are many to list it ...the recipes provided by BN are amazing not just me but my family loved it too including my 5yr old son...

Apple cider vinegar. green tea

I was very strict initially trust me but after a while the 2 bite rule and right eating I had chocolate ice cream biscuits cake.

I had most of the time as I love food cant give up on this ..{I cant lie I dint had anything }..
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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation