Vibhuti Patel
weight lost: 19 kg

Hi dear... 

Here I m sending my experience.. u can change if there is any mistake or wanna add points .. I trust u and gives u right to do it...

Because I will not b able to type long story

1...well well well I loved being with khyati and team.. I m thankful to god that showed me right way n met khyati.. it was impossible for me to get prepare wt after 2 kids.. lost 19 kg.. tats big achievement...


As I was very busy in my schedule, 2 kids joint family.. it was tough for me to go to the gym or visit any dietitian... I was just dreaming in for a miracle to happen to get back to my free shape... and the dream came to true... loved the online concept.. 24*7 ready to help and answer my queries... I guess this service I wouldn't have gt if I would have consulted any local dietitian. I don't believe I haven't listened to d person voice who did this miracle for me means I haven't talked to khyati or mentor on phone...tats strange but true...


Many times I was not able to follow diet and sometimes I felt to leave in between but the yummy recipes and diff menus helped to stick to it..and of course my mentor...

2. I m done who use to hate soups.. but recipes of diff soups turned it wrong

3. apple cider vinegar

4. portion size

5. I followed it strictly.. but sometimes i use to eat a slice of pizza. now in maintenance once a week half pizza.

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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation